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How it works


Cargo-to-Ship Matching

SHIPNEXT, as a digital Shipping Marketplace, is an algorithm-based solution for instant Cargo-to-Ship matching, freight trading, and contract management. SHIPNEXT uses Natural Language Processing, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to handle incoming emails, requests and EDI with Cargo and Ship related data.

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Real-time Data flow

Real-time and static information related to Ports and Port costs, Terminals, Navigational restrictions, Ship’s descriptions, Weather and Congestion data, Bunker prices, Ship schedules, Trade lanes, and freight market fluctuation is used to make the Solution search efficient and reliable. To handle all this, fast-growing, information flow we use big-data analysis and linear programming.

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Smart emailing

All you have to do is send your Freight Request or open Ship position to

Your email, usually written in random form, will be processed using an algorithm based on Natural Language Processing, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technology.

The key data will then be extracted and matched to the best shipping solutiuon. Carriers receive your request, while you receive these shipping solutions and instant Freight index.

Smart emailing
Cargo-to-Ship Matching

Market Connectivity and Chat

Today SHIPNEXT is a place where Charterers, Brokers and Shipping companies meet and communicate. An easy split-screen interface is a way to be more efficient and stay in better control of your and market data. The chartering and freight trading process is made simple to facilitate instant and automated Contract Management. Each user is given the option of either finding the best shipping solution, getting an instant freight index or using reverse trading tools. SHIPNEXT Chat provides seamless connectivity to Industry leaders and your personal contacts.

Smart emailing

Freight Calculator

SHIPNEXT also has an inbuilt semi-automated Freight Calculator, which can be used as a separate Feature. Latest port costs, Disbursement account (DAs), bunker prices, distances, freight indexes are available in a click. Freight indexes available on the marketplace can be used to facilitate trading and supply-chain optimization.


Port & Ship Related Data

At any given moment SHIPNEXT processes and recalculates incoming data related in 50.000+ ships, 5600+ ports, thousands of cargoes served over 16 million miles of trading routes. Therefore SHIPNEXT is a powerful tool to use as part of your Supply Chain and Transportation management.

Use Case

Email processing and White List

A Charterer, Trader or Broker can register an account on SHIPNEXT, create their White or Black List in their own Profile cabinet and, if they are used to sending Freight requests (RFQs) by email, add to their email circular. Some clients send their Cargo shipment related data through an EDI.

Shipping Solution and Freight Index

As soon as this information is received, it is instantly processed by SHIPNEXT to give an instant solution in terms of the Freight Index and the best matching ships/transportation solution. These matches are sent both by e-mail, or can be accessed on the SHIPNEXT Marketplace.
If the user placed only his own company name on the White List, then only he or she can access and see this cargo on the Marketplace.

Other Solutions

SHIPNEXT can then be used as a unique Freight Calculator to compare freights, freight trading solution, reverse freight auction, contract, and Charter Party management tool and an electronic Bill of Lading builder (with a choice of different electronic Bill of Lading types).

Contract management and documentation

All the documents created on SHIPNEXT can be integrated into the further documentation flow and exchanged electronically between different users and departments through secure channels.


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