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How we do it?

How we do it?

SHIPNEXT is a blockchain-driven Digital Shipping Marketplace and a reverse trading Platform.

It uses Natural language processing, machine learning, Linear programing, AI and Big Data analysis for instant and to generate the best Shipping and Transport solutions.

SHIPNEXT is patented solution, that uses unique algorithms, as well as data and real-time information from over 85 data-bases for instant Cargo-to-Ship matching and integration in door-to-door delivery.

Each day we continue to expand and improve through interconnectivity and interoperatibility with Shipping companies, Ports & Terminals, Exporters & Importers, Digital Solution providers, Banking platforms, and transport related infrastructure.

Clients & Partners

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SHIPNEXT Marketplace

SHIPNEXT as a centralized Marketplace is an automated solution for instant Cargo-to-Ship matching. Use SHIPNEXT to find open Ship positions, Cargo to match your ship, Freight indexes, automated Freight calculator, Port related data, and much more.
All you have to do is send your Freight Request or open Ship position to

SHIPNEXT Marketplace
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SHIPNEXT as an internal e-mail and ERP solution, allows instant e-mail and data processing and connectivity with other operational software and digital solutions.
Use SHIPNEXT to manage your Cargo and Ship's data and integrate it into your company's Commercial and Operations activity.



SHIPNEXT as a solution to process your group emails in your personal Cabinet using cloud storage, allows you to get instant Freight index, evaluation of freight requests, instant Cargo-to-Ship matching and connectivity to real-time data flows.
Use SHIPNEXT algorithm to instantly distribute your group's emails into your contracted Cargo, Freight requests, Open ship positions and random emails, for instant Cargo-to-Ship matching.


SHIPNEXT Supply Chain

SHIPNEXT as a Supply Chain management solution. Integrate your door-to-door delivery and inventory management into one seamless flow. Use SHIPNEXT algorithms, secure and reliable data-processing to connect to your supply-chain related data for efficient ERP, documentation flow and supply-chain management.

Supply Chain
Supply Chain


SHIPNEXT is a Digital Shipping Marketplace and Transportation Platform, that provides instant data and e-mail processing, instant Cargo-to-Ship matching, freight trading and contract management, digital documentation flow, freight finance and supply chain management solutions.

Instant Cargo to Ship Matching

Instant automatic e-mail processing

Open and Closed Freight Tendering

Reverse Auctioning

SHIPNEXT Freight Index

Freight Negotiations

Cargo and Ship Tracking

Stowage and Freight Estimations

Online Shipping Marketplace

Contract Management & Transactions

Electronic Bill of Lading & Smart Contract

Online Chat and Shipping Network








Data Bases





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Building SHIPNEXT ecosystem


SHIPNEXT Marketplace

Stage A

Shipping Digital Automated Shipping Marketplace for conventional, oversized and dry-bulk cargo.

  • Centralized E-mail and data-flow processing (SHIPNEXT)
  • Internal customary E-mail and data-flow processing (SHIPNEXT CONNECT)
  • Instant Cargo-to-Ship Matching and Analytics
  • Centralized Reverse Auctioning
  • Interconnectivity between Shipowners/Carriers and Shipper's individual reverse freight auction platforms.
  • Freight (Voyage Charter) Trading and Chartering
  • Ship (Time Charter) Trading and Chartering
  • Fleet analysis & Rating (in progress)
  • Charter Party Building/Printing
  • Electronic Bill of Lading
  • Fleet and Port data-base
  • Cargo Tracking

PHASE 2 (current)

Decentralized Transportation Platform

Stage B

Building an interconnected network between SHIPNEXT-based algorithms and other transport-related infrastructure, Ports, Shipping Companies, Banks & Banking platforms, Insurance companies and other modes of Transportation.

  • Milestones:
  • 3rd party service providers integration (banks, insurance companies, others)
  • Distributed ledger of transportation related data by interconnectivity with other platforms and service providers
  • Secure smart-contract based transactions
  • Integration of Port and Terminal-related real-time data
  • Integration of Road-, Rail- and Air-transportation Solutions and infrastructure.


SHIPNEXT Ecosystem

Stage C

Integration of Transportation Network-related algorithms and processes into Private Supply Chains to create a blockchain-based Decentralized Supply Chain Ecosystem.

  • Milestones:
  • Integration of Transportation Network-related algorithms and processes into Individual Supply Chain
  • Cargo delivery Sequence-related transportation solutions
  • Real-time based information and documentation flows
  • Distributed data ledger and secure interconnectivity

SHIPNEXT Supply Chain Ecosystem

Future Logistics Ecosystem

An integrated and decentralized blockchain solution across the entire door-to-door Supply Chain, connecting private supply chains into one reliable, cost- and time-efficient Supply Chain Ecosystem.

This includes all sectors of transportation:

  • maritime transport (bulk, breakbulk and containers)
  • road transport
  • rail transport
  • air transportation

transport infrastructure (ports, terminals, etc), organizations and service providers with the help of transparent and reliable algorithm-based processes, Smart Contracts as well as advanced and secure electronic transactions.

SHIPNEXT SUPPLY CHAIN - a demand driven production and supply chain ecosystem, accompanied by accurate demand driven supply planning and trade finance, enabling secure, cost- and time-efficient logistics, transportation and settlement, improved production planning.

Future Logistics Ecosystem

Future Logistics Ecosystem

Environmental Impact

The use of Linear programming, big-data analysis and algorithms will result in higher efficiency of shipping through reduced ballast run and voyage optimization. SHIPNEXT algorithms can also help increase the utilization of Ship's cargo intake, thus optimizing supply chain and reducing emission.

Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Blockchain technology

SHIPNEXT is building an ecosystem to enable secure, seamless and reliable transactions between the Industry participants on basis of interconnectivity and with the help of Smart Contracts. SHIPNEXT solution cam be integrated into Blockchain using Hyperledger Fabric, R3 or other technology.

Decentralized distributed ledger is the intangible digital platform that can be only addressed through a front-end application that structures the queries and results obtained from the ledger.

This application will allow industry players and service providers to become integrated into the system. For example, if there is an insurance company that wants to provide coverage for either cargo or a ship, we will integrate our APIs, so that a player seeking insurance coverage would be able to use insurance services through our application.

Open API platforms have proven to be more competitive in the long term and lead to larger and more diverse ecosystems. SHIPNEXT application layer will provide a user friendly and easy to use front-end interface to shipping industry players.

It will be an open marketplace connecting Shippers and Carriers, where users will perform input transaction and get calculation results in a familiar and robust way.

Blockchain technology

Road Map

2009, April

Ocean shipping company - VARAMAR ( - was founded. The company evolved into one of the main industry players in Europe, Middle East and Asia in maritime transportation of general, heavy and oversized cargo.

2011, June

VELES Bulk was founded as a carrier of dry-bulk ship-operator and carrier.

2009 - 2015

Collecting Data-bases related to Ships, Ports, Cargo, Transportation infrastructure, as well as building crucial relationship with all industry platers and Cargo owners

2015, May

SHIPNEXT - disruptive concept of an automated Digital Shipping Marketplace is finalized.

2017, October

SHIPNEXT is launched in Phase A, as an Automated Digital Shipping Marketplace for non-containerized, general, oversized and dry-bulk cargo.

2018, January

SHIPNEXT is widely used by over 1000 international, contains 8000+ Ship positions and thousands of Cargo orders at any given moment.

2019, January

SHIPNEXT has over 2000 users, 2500 daily cargo/freight requests, and over 15.000 open ship positions at any given moment.

2019, May

First Smart Contract in Non-containerized Sea Transport

2019, June

First Electronic Freight Payment for Smart Contract in Shipping and Ocean Transport

2019, August

Integration of Steel Supply Chain on SHIPNEXT

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