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How it works


Process e-mails internally for Cargo-to-Ship matching

SHIPNEXT as an e-mail and ERP solution allows instant email processing and connectivity with other operational software and digital solutions. It is a perfect tool for Shipbrokers and Forwarders to make instant to manage their Cargo and Ship’s related data, and take fast and efficient commercial decisions using SHIPNEXT’s instant Cargo-to-Ship matching tools.


Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

SHIPNEXT as a solution to process your emails inside your Email software (Gmail, Sedna, LgMar, Office365, etc) using SHIPNEXT algorithms. SHIPNEXT uses big data analysis, machine learning and AI to process the logic inside the incoming email flow for instant processing and Cargo-to-Ship matching.

diagram solution

Connectivity with Shipping Markets

As an email is received, it is marked either as a Cargo or a Ship and linked to the other relevant emails of solutions inside your company’s email flow. In case your own email flow does not contain a solution you are looking for, you can get all the other solutions available on the Shipping Marketplace in just a click.

Use Case

Email flow problem

A broker or a forwarder today receive most of their requests by email. Up to 80% of their time is spent on reading and analyzing this flow. This consumes a lot of valuable time and deprives of face-to-face communication and potential meetings. A lot of requests remain unhandled due to lack of market knowledge, shortage of cargo, ship or cost-related data, inability to find a suitable ship.

Getting rid of the "noise"

Most of the brokers and forwarders use the telephone or send out large email circulars in the hope to find data, thus increasing the problem associated with emails and data-management. With SHIPNEXT all this noise and lengthy search are reduced to seconds. A click on “Get solutions from SHIPNEXT Marketplace” gives you all those other matches available on the market.


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