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How it works


E-mail and data processing

SHIPNEXT Cloud is a way to combine the your corporate data and email flow with the technology and algorithms of Shipnext in your own white-labeled Corporate Solution. This allows processing your group emails in your personal Cabinet using cloud storage, allows you to get your e-mail and data-flows processed, connecting it with market information, instant Cargo-to-Ship matching algorithm, Freight indexes, and other real-time information.


Interconnectivity and big-data analysis

Instead of reading your emails in one solution, and trying to search for keywords in another, you can now stay tuned to all data flows in one screen. SHIPNEXT uses big-data analysis, machine learning and AI to process the logic built in every incoming message. This helps you connect your email flow to a large number of real-time databases to make sure your decisions are fast and efficient.

diagram solution

Port Data, Ship Data and Freight Calculator

SHIPNEXT provides a seamless switch between the email flow and the Shipping Marketplace. Using this feature also helps you connect different branches and managers to one data flow, the market intelligence, and your internal and historic data. This said each of our users can also use other features of SHIPNEXT including our semi-automated Freight calculator, Port database, Port Costs, Bunker prices, Market intelligence, Ship descriptions, and other SHIPNEXT Marketplace tools.


Online Chat

An online Chart is available on both desktop and mobile devices. SHIPNEXT Chat is a solution for quick communication between Clients and Carriers. Each message is copied by e-mail.

Use Case

Big-data flow management

A big challenge for industry players (brokers, chartering and shipping managers) today lays in the ability to process big flows of real-time data, search for information on costs, restrictions, limitations and fleet positions. And all this while struggling to attend to each freight request, and offer the best price prior involving in further negotiation.

How SHIPNEXT differs in email processing

Some older solutions helped process parts of the incoming emails by providing key-word search. SHIPNEXT went much further giving an opportunity to process the logic behind each incoming email, collect all the useful data and use it in the Cargo-to-Ship matching.

"All-in-one" solution

All this is now available on one screen, sparing our users from the need of using 2 and more solutions. As emails and other incoming data arrives, it is processed and stored either as a Cargo (freight request) or a Ship position. It is then possible to get access to the SHIPNEXT freight index, semi-automated Freight Calculator, freight trading and reverse freight trading tools, Charter Party and electronic Bill of Lading solutions. All this is available on desktop as well as on the mobile application.

Improving teamwork

Each Cargo and Ship position in the stream has a color flag. This allows users either to combine the flow of data from 2 or more offices in one, or to identify between the Market Cargo/Position, their own (or that being traded firm), as well as those received from their client.


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