SEDNA and SHIPNEXT form partnership to digitize workflow and optimize organizational performance


SEDNA, the leading provider of cloud-based transaction management software,today announces a partnership with SHIPNEXT that will enable organizations to digitize the work-flow related to shipping, transportation and freight negotiations. As part of the integration within SEDNA,users dealing with dry-bulk, wet-bulk, heavy or over sized cargo will be able to instantly get shipping solutions matched within their email flow or directly from SHIPNEXT as a shipping marketplace.The results will reduce the amount of work to source cargo information from hours to seconds.

An increasing amount of emails and requests are creating a growing problem related to data search and data processing. Traditionally, if a broker wanted to find the latest information on a vessel, they were required to search multiple systems. The issue is compounded when having to compare several ships and searching thousands of emails to gather the most relevant information. Through this partnership SEDNA and SHIPNEXT are helping to automate routine data processing by creating one seamless system that will spare the industry from traditional email circulars and hours of work.

Research shows that a vast amount of resources are wasted due to inefficient and error-prone manual processes. Many organizations are using email as the first step in digitally transforming their organizations by meeting people where they work and providing a better solution to collaborate,search for information and filter only the most relevant messages.

According to Alexander Varvarenko, CEO of SHIPNEXT, “we view SEDNA as the most user friendly solution that when combined with our technology we are creating a mobile workstation that is second to none.” Mr. Varvarenko goes onto say that “together we are providing a solution that will save valuable time and reduce manual errors when initiating Cargo-to-Ship and Ship-to-Cargo matching.”

When discussing the value that SHIPNEXT will deliver to the market, Dan James, VP of Product at SEDNA said “companies like SHIPNEXT are unlocking huge value for their customers by applying technologies like machine learning and AI to rethink cluttered business practices.” Mr. James goes onto say that “at SEDNA we value partners who want to work together to help our customers succeed.”

When asked about the value of the partnership, Jean-Guy Faubert, CRO of SEDNA, said that “together we are modernizing a legacy software system long neglected but too important to abandon as enterprise organizations manage an increasing amount of laborious workarounds. As Mr. Faubert explains, the value of time that can be saved can be significant: “Time is a highly valuable commodity and there are thousands of hours – worth millions of dollars – being wasted on tasks that software systems like SEDNA can eliminate by integrating with SHIPNEXT.”

The future as Mr Varvarenko envisions is “an integrated and decentralized blockchain solution across the entire supply chain and all sectors of transportation to create one ecosystem. These results will not only make a positive impact on an organization but the environment as well.”

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