Ambrosus partners with SHIPNEXT

Valletta, Malta — December 4, 2018 — Ambrosus, the globally decentralised blockchain and IoT platform, has partnered with SHIPNEXT, an international Digital Shipping Marketplace, to boost its Security Token Offering (STO). This partnership marks an industry-first use case for an alternative cryptocurrency to be accepted as a form of contribution in an STO. The involvement of Ambrosus and its community in the SHIPNEXT STO also demonstrates the viability of blockchain and IoT technology to maximize efficiency and transparency in global shipping, trade, and supply chain operations.


Angel Versetti, CEO and Co-founder of Ambrosus, said: “Our partnership with SHIPNEXT aligns seamlessly with Ambrosus’ goal to revolutionize the future of industrial development and supply chain operations through the use of decentralized and transparent data management tools. By enabling the Ambrosus community to directly participate in the SHIPNEXT STO, we are excited to leverage this unique opportunity to play a pivotal role in the development of a project that is leveraging blockchain’s potential to make global supply chains exponentially more efficient.”

The STO aims to further SHIPNEXT’s dedication to build a digital platform that provides transparent pricing, access to supply chain data and analytics, and advanced freight and ship tracking. The collaboration between SHIPNEXT — whose executive team counts decades of supply chain and transport experience — highlights the caliber and industry need for the Ambrosus platform and its native token in the logistics and supply chain spaces.

Alexander Varvarenko, CEO of SHIPNEXT, said: “SHIPNEXT has taken the strategy of building a global supply chain ecosystem, through a decentralized transportation network. Accepting AMB during the SHIPNEXT STO is a clear first step in the right direction, and especially beneficial for improving traction of the SHIPNEXT platform.”

The initial investment round of the SHIPNEXT STO is currently underway. For more information, visit www.shipnext.io

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Ambrosus Co-Founder and CEO,
Angel Versetti is available for interview.

About Ambrosus:

Ambrosus is a decentralised IoT network for next generation supply-chains. Combining high-tech sensors, blockchain protocol and smart contracts, Ambrosus is building a universally verifiable, community-driven ecosystem to assure the quality, safety and origins of products.

Ambrosus seeks to set the global standard for decentralized supply chain management and provide quality assurance in enterprise IoT ecosystems. Ambrosus’ primary focus is on improving supply chains for life-essential products, specifically food and medicine, although the protocol can be applied to almost any complex supply chain.

With offices in Estonia, Ireland and Switzerland, Ambrosus boasts partnerships with significant global bodies and associations including the United Nations 10YFP, the Crypto Valley Association, Swiss Food Research, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, One Planet Network and Swiss Coffee Alliance

For more information, visit www.ambrosus.com

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