AGROXY – SHIPNEXT Strategic Alliance

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AGROXY – SHIPNEXT Strategic Alliance

AGROXY - SHIPNEXT Strategic AllianceAGROXY - SHIPNEXT Strategic Alliance

On 29th October 2018 AGROXY (www.agroxy.com) – agricultural commodities & inputs marketplace entered into Strategic Alliance Agreement with SHIPNEXT in order to automate logistic services of agricultural commodities (wheat, corn, SFO and feeds). The focus of joint efforts shall be on automation of bulk, tanker, and container logistics of export orientated agro commodities. The aim is to provide real-time cost estimation and logistic booking solution that cover sea-freight, rail-freight, customs clearance, bulk ship firefight and related supply chain services (EXW>CPT>FOB>CIF automation). Upon regional (Black Sea) trials focus would be on deployment in other regional markets connecting global supply and demand. The goal is well aligned with AGROXY strategy – to build interconnected network of regional agro marketplace that will offer free services for small and midsize farmers around the globe with thorough consideration of local markets specifics.

CEO of Agroxy UK Andrii Dresviannikov: “ Local is a New Global, therefore I am looking forward to combine our agro trading services with logistics algorithms of CPT, FOB, CIF price estimation for ukrainian agro commodities using ShipNext expertise. It shall reduce time, efforts and cost for farmers then it comes to exporting agro outputs overseas”.

Alexander Varvarenko CEO and co-founder of ShipNext: “SHIPNEXT has taken the strategy to build a Global Supply-Chain Ecosystem, through a decentralized Transportation Network. The recent Alliance with SeaRates and this alliance with ARGOXY are the right steps towards our aim. We will be announcing more Partnerships and Alliances shortly.”

Both ShipNext and Agroxy have adopted hyperledger blockchain technology that allows further integration of Supply Chain management tools of both platforms with other digital service providers.

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